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    Australia - Brisbane Premier League
    08/08 Acacia Ridge FC 1:2 St George Willawong
    08/08 Bayside United 4:0 Albany Creek Excelsior
    08/08 North Star 1:3 Brisbane Knights
    09/08 Taringa Rovers 6:1 Caboolture
    09/08 Centenary Stormers 1:2 Grange Thistle
    09/08 Toowong 2:0 The Gap
    Result Only Acacia Ridge FC 10:30 Centenary Stormers
    Result Only The Gap 07:00 Taringa Rovers
    Result Only Albany Creek Excelsior 08:00 Brisbane Knights
    Result Only Caboolture 08:00 Bayside United
    Result Only Grange Thistle 06:00 Toowong
    Result Only St George Willawong 07:00 North Star
    Australia - Capital Territory NPL 2
    Cancelled Weston Molonglo FC 03:00 Wagga City
    Cancelled Narrabundah FC 03:00 Yoogali
    Cancelled O'Connor Knights 03:00 Canberra White Eagles
    Cancelled Brindabella Blues 03:10 Queanbeyan City
    Postponed O'Connor Knights 05:00 Narrabundah FC
    Postponed ANU FC 05:15 Queanbeyan City
    08/08 Weston Molonglo FC 1:2 Brindabella Blues
    Cancelled STU FC 03:00 ANU FC
    09/08 Yoogali 6:4 Canberra White Eagles
    Cancelled Narrabundah FC 03:00 O'Connor Knights
    Cancelled Wagga City 03:00 ANU FC
    Cancelled Weston Molonglo FC 03:00 Yoogali
    Cancelled Brindabella Blues 03:10 STU FC
    Result Only Brindabella Blues 05:00 ANU FC
    Result Only Canberra White Eagles 05:00 Narrabundah FC
    Result Only O'Connor Knights 05:00 Wagga City
    Result Only Queanbeyan City 07:30 Yoogali
    Australia - Capital Territory Premier League
    08/08 Woden Weston 0:3 Monaro Panthers
    09/08 Tuggeranong United 0:0 Belconnen United
    Cancelled Canberra FC 05:00 Canberra Olympic
    Cancelled Cooma Tigers 05:00 Woden Weston
    Postponed Canberra FC 05:15 Canberra Olympic
    Result Only Gungahlin 09:00 Cooma Tigers
    Result Only Canberra Olympic 05:00 Cooma Tigers
    Result Only Canberra Olympic 05:00 Cooma Tigers
    Result Only Belconnen United 05:00 Monaro Panthers
    Result Only Woden Weston 05:45 Canberra FC
    Result Only Woden Weston 05:45 Canberra FC
    Result Only Belconnen United 07:30 Monaro Panthers
    Cancelled Monaro Panthers 07:30 Gungahlin
    Cancelled Canberra FC 05:00 Tuggeranong United
    Cancelled Canberra Olympic 05:00 Cooma Tigers
    Result Only Tuggeranong United 05:00 Gungahlin
    Australia - New South Wales
    07/08 Manly United 0:0 Western Sydney Wanderers U21
    07/08 APIA Leichhardt Tigers 1:4 Wollongong Wolves
    08/08 Mt Druitt Town 2:2 Blacktown City
    09/08 Sydney United 58 0:0 North Shore Mariners
    09/08 Sydney Olympic 0:0 Sydney FC U21
    09/08 Rockdale City Suns 1:0 Marconi Stallions FC
    Result Only APIA Leichhardt Tigers 09:00 Western Sydney Wanderers U21
    Result Only Blacktown City 09:30 Sydney Olympic
    Result Only Mt Druitt Town 09:00 Rockdale City Suns
    Result Only Wollongong Wolves 04:30 Marconi Stallions FC
    Result Only Sydney United 58 05:00 Manly United
    Result Only Sydney FC U21 08:30 North Shore Mariners
    Australia - Northern New South Wales
    05/08 Hamilton Olympic 1:3 Broadmeadow Magic
    05/08 Weston Workers 1:0 Maitland
    05/08 Lake Macquarie 2:1 Adamstown Rosebud FC
    05/08 Valentine Phoenix 0:4 Lambton Jaffas FC
    08/08 Lambton Jaffas FC 3:3 Broadmeadow Magic
    Postponed Hamilton Olympic 04:30 Maitland
    09/08 Lake Macquarie 0:3 Edgeworth Eagles
    Postponed Valentine Phoenix 04:30 Adamstown Rosebud FC
    Cancelled Maitland 04:30 Charlestown City Blues
    09/08 Weston Workers 1:2 Charlestown City Blues
    Cancelled Edgeworth Eagles 04:30 Adamstown Rosebud FC
    Result Only Adamstown Rosebud FC 04:30 Hamilton Olympic
    Result Only Maitland 04:30 Lambton Jaffas FC
    Result Only Broadmeadow Magic 04:30 Lake Macquarie
    Result Only Edgeworth Eagles 04:30 Weston Workers
    Result Only Charlestown City Blues 04:30 Valentine Phoenix
    Australia - Northern Premier League
    04/08 Casuarina 2:3 University Azzurri FC
    07/08 University Azzurri FC 0:2 Port Darwin
    08/08 Hellenic Athletic 3:0 Darwin Hearts FC
    08/08 Mindil Aces 2:2 Casuarina
    Result Only Mindil Aces 10:00 Casuarina
    Result Only Hellenic Athletic 11:00 Mindil Aces
    Result Only Port Darwin 06:30 Casuarina
    Result Only Darwin Hearts FC 10:30 University Azzurri FC
    Australia - Queensland
    08/08 Capalaba FC 3:2 Moreton Bay United FC
    08/08 Queensland Lions 5:1 Eastern Suburbs Brisbane
    08/08 Brisbane City 0:1 Gold Coast Knights
    08/08 Redlands United 1:2 Peninsula Power
    Cancelled Magpies Crusaders 09:30 Sunshine Coast Wanderers
    09/08 Gold Coast United FC 2:3 Brisbane Roar FC Youth
    09/08 Brisbane Olympic 0:1 Brisbane Strikers
    Result Only Brisbane Strikers 08:30 Queensland Lions
    Cancelled Gold Coast Knights 08:30 Magpies Crusaders
    Result Only Eastern Suburbs Brisbane 08:45 Sunshine Coast Wanderers
    Result Only Redlands United 09:00 Brisbane Olympic
    Result Only Brisbane Roar FC Youth 04:00 Brisbane City
    Result Only Moreton Bay United FC 05:00 Peninsula Power
    Result Only Gold Coast United FC 06:30 Capalaba FC
    Australia - South Australia NPL Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide Raiders Reserves 08:30 Adelaide Comets Reserves
    Cancelled Croydon Kings Reserves 02:45 Metro Stars Reserves
    Cancelled Campbelltown City Reserves 03:15 Para Hills Knights Reserves
    Cancelled Modbury Jets Reserves 03:15 Adelaide City Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide Blue Eagles Reserves 03:15 Adelaide United Reserves
    Cancelled Western Strikers Reserves 05:30 South Adelaide Panthers Reserves
    Cancelled Sturt Lions Reserves 05:30 Adelaide Victory Reserves
    Cancelled West Adelaide Reserves 05:30 West Torrens Birkalla Reserves
    Cancelled Playford Reserves 05:30 Fulham United Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide Olympic Reserves 06:15 Cumberland United Reserves
    Cancelled Seaford Rangers Reserves 07:30 Adelaide Hills Hawks Reserves
    Cancelled Vipers FC Reserves 02:30 White City Woodville Reserves
    Cancelled Metro Stars Reserves 05:15 Modbury Jets Reserves
    Cancelled Fulham United Reserves 05:30 Western Strikers Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide Victory Reserves 05:30 Playford Reserves
    Cancelled South Adelaide Panthers Reserves 05:30 West Adelaide Reserves
    Cancelled West Torrens Birkalla Reserves 05:30 Vipers FC Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide Hills Hawks Reserves 05:30 Sturt Lions Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide United Reserves 05:30 Campbelltown City Reserves
    Cancelled White City Woodville Reserves 05:30 Seaford Rangers Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide City Reserves 05:30 Adelaide Olympic Reserves
    Cancelled Para Hills Knights Reserves 07:30 Adelaide Raiders Reserves
    Cancelled Adelaide Comets Reserves 07:30 Croydon Kings Reserves
    Cancelled Cumberland United Reserves 07:30 Adelaide Blue Eagles Reserves
    Australia - Southern
    07/08 Adelaide Raiders 1:2 Adelaide Comets
    08/08 Croydon Kings 2:1 North Eastern Metro Stars
    08/08 Campbelltown City 3:1 Para Hills Knights
    08/08 Modbury Jets 0:0 Adelaide City
    08/08 Adelaide Blue Eagles 1:1 Adelaide United Youth
    08/08 Adelaide Olympic 0:0 Cumberland United
    Result Only North Eastern Metro Stars 10:45 Modbury Jets
    Result Only Para Hills Knights 05:30 Adelaide Raiders
    Result Only Adelaide Comets 05:30 Croydon Kings
    Result Only Adelaide City 05:30 Adelaide Olympic
    Result Only Cumberland United 05:30 Adelaide Blue Eagles
    Result Only Adelaide United Youth 05:30 Campbelltown City
    Australia - Tasmania Premier League
    08/08 Devonport City 1:0 South Hobart
    08/08 Olympia FC Warriors 5:1 Riverside Olympic
    08/08 Kingborough Lions 2:0 Launceston City
    08/08 Glenorchy Knights 5:2 Clarence United
    Result Only South Hobart 04:00 Kingborough Lions
    Result Only Devonport City 04:15 Clarence United
    Result Only Riverside Olympic 04:15 Glenorchy Knights
    Result Only Olympia FC Warriors 06:30 Launceston City
    Australia - Victorian
    Cancelled Melbourne Knights 09:30 Bentleigh Greens SC
    Cancelled Green Gully 10:00 Port Melbourne
    Cancelled Dandenong City SC 10:30 Eastern Lions SC
    Cancelled Oakleigh Cannons 10:30 St. Albans Saints
    Cancelled South Melbourne 07:00 Avondale Heights
    Cancelled Altona Magic SC 08:00 Dandenong Thunder SC
    Cancelled Heidelberg United 07:00 Hume City
    Australia - Western
    08/08 Armadale 1:2 Bayswater City
    08/08 Floreat Athena 2:1 ECU Joondalup
    08/08 Rockingham City 2:4 Perth SC
    08/08 Perth Glory U21 1:0 Cockburn City
    08/08 Sorrento FC 4:2 Inglewood United
    08/08 Balcatta 2:3 Gwelup Croatia
    Result Only Sorrento FC 11:00 Balcatta
    Result Only Bayswater City 11:30 ECU Joondalup
    Result Only Perth SC 11:30 Armadale
    Result Only Floreat Athena 11:30 Perth Glory U21
    Result Only Cockburn City 11:30 Gwelup Croatia
    Result Only Inglewood United 11:30 Rockingham City
    Result Only Sorrento FC 07:00 Floreat Athena
    Result Only Perth Glory U21 07:00 Sorrento FC
    Result Only Inglewood United 07:00 Perth Glory U21
    Result Only Bayswater City 07:00 Rockingham City
    Result Only Floreat Athena 07:00 Cockburn City
    Result Only ECU Joondalup 07:00 Perth SC
    Result Only Gwelup Croatia 07:00 Perth SC
    Result Only Rockingham City 07:00 ECU Joondalup
    Result Only Cockburn City 07:00 Gwelup Croatia
    Result Only Armadale 07:00 Balcatta
    Result Only Balcatta 07:00 Bayswater City
    Result Only Armadale 07:00 Inglewood United
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