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    Australia - Brisbane Premier League Reserves
    05/08 Centenary Stormers Reserves 3:2 Caboolture Reserves
    08/08 Acacia Ridge Reserves 0:4 St George Willawong Reserves
    08/08 Bayside United Reserves 3:3 Albany Creek Reserves
    08/08 North Star Reserves 0:3 Brisbane Knights Reserves
    09/08 Taringa Rovers Reserves 3:1 Caboolture Reserves
    09/08 Centenary Stormers Reserves 0:1 Grange Thistle Reserves
    09/08 Toowong Reserves 7:0 The Gap Reserves
    Result Only Acacia Ridge Reserves 08:30 Centenary Stormers Reserves
    Result Only The Gap Reserves 05:00 Taringa Rovers Reserves
    Result Only Albany Creek Reserves 06:00 Brisbane Knights Reserves
    Result Only Caboolture Reserves 06:00 Bayside United Reserves
    Result Only Grange Thistle Reserves 04:00 Toowong Reserves
    Result Only St George Willawong Reserves 05:00 North Star Reserves
    Australia - South Australia Premier League Reserves
    07/08 Adelaide Raiders Reserves 4:0 Adelaide Comets Reserves
    08/08 Croydon Kings Reserves 2:1 Metro Stars Reserves
    08/08 Campbelltown City Reserves 3:1 Para Hills Knights Reserves
    08/08 Modbury Jets Reserves 0:0 Adelaide City Reserves
    08/08 Adelaide Blue Eagles Reserves 0:1 Adelaide United Reserves
    08/08 Adelaide Olympic Reserves 3:2 Cumberland United Reserves
    Result Only Metro Stars Reserves 05:15 Modbury Jets Reserves
    Result Only Adelaide United Reserves 05:30 Campbelltown City Reserves
    Result Only Adelaide City Reserves 05:30 Adelaide Olympic Reserves
    Result Only Para Hills Knights Reserves 07:30 Adelaide Raiders Reserves
    Result Only Adelaide Comets Reserves 07:30 Croydon Kings Reserves
    Result Only Cumberland United Reserves 07:30 Adelaide Blue Eagles Reserves
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